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who we are

Boss Babes is a collection of 3000 randomly generated NFTs with over 100 unique characteristics created to represent bold and ambitious women coming together in Web3. 


Each Boss Babe is an embodiment of a strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn't let her inner critic hold her back. She is fearless, independent, and ready to challenge the status quo.

 The Boss Babes mission is to create a community of entrepreneurial spirits with a passion for learning, sharing ideas, and supporting others on their personal journey.

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holder benefits.

Bossish Points NEW!

Earn points on your Boss Babes NFT in a variety of ways and cash them in for cool prizes OR stack them up to increase the value of your NFT. Learn more HERE

Bossish Perks NEW!

Discounts & freebies from our Brand Partners. Subscribe to get monthly Bossish Perks HERE

Voting Rights 

For every Boss Babe NFT you own, you will earn 1 vote toward all of our initiatives (ie: where to host our events, activities, projects/people/causes we support, future collection ideas, etc.).

Minimally Restricted IP Rights 

Holders own the non-fungible token recorded on the blockchain, but do not own the art associated with the token. Holders have the right to share, copy, recreate, their Boss Babe character however they wish as long as it is not in an illegal, offensive, or derogatory way.

launch roadmap.


3 FREE NFTs to Discord Members with the most invites

3 Free NFTs to most active Discord Members

50% SOLD

2 ETH deposited into holders prize fund

First holders competition announced

75% SOLD

DAO Opens-10% primary sales allocated

Boss Babes merch store goes into production

100% SOLD

Celebratory airdrop for delisted holders

redeemable traits.

Mint an NFT with a redeemable trait and win a prize!

Revealed Traits:

  • Sahara Swim & Carla Lila Tops = $100 Gift Card to Gaea Swim

  • BB Hoodie = FREE Matching Hoodie!

EMAIL US If you are the original minter of a Boss Babe with any of the revealed traits.

Unrevealed Traits:

3 NFTs will have a trait that gifts it's original minter a 1/1 NFT.

1 NFT has a trait that gifts it's original minter the Boss Babe-cation package for 2 (or ETH value equivalent).

Stay tuned for more!

meet the team.

Dina & Deanna // @thenftbabes

  • Twitter

We are 2 close friends from Philadelphia who discovered Web3 in October 2021 when we minted our first NFT. We immediately fell in love with the endless opportunity and creative freedom that exists within the space and have always been believers that women can achieve anything they put their minds to. Both coming from corporate sales and tech jobs, we felt that our combined skills and shared ambitions were a perfect storm to create our own NFT project. We wanted to build something that inspires others to be bold, challenge the status quo, and have the confidence to go after the things they want in life. That is how Boss Babes NFT was born.


3 random things we both love: Dogs, the Jersey shore, & Aperol Spritz


Anna // @annasaleart

  • Twitter

Anna is a digital artist based in New York City and splits her time working in art and tech--which meant NFT illustration was definitely right up her alley. During the day she's a product manager but at night she can be found working on prints with her Italian Greyhound, Lentil.


DO-Gital Savage

A coding rockstar who can do it all and quite literally keeps the team sane. With years of experience as a full stack developer and many successful NFT launches under his belt, he took a chance on us and we couldn't be more grateful to have him. It was important for us to find someone we can trust to be there when we have questions or need help strategizing, and once we met Do-Gital we knew we found what we were looking for.


Carla // @carlaverte

  • Twitter

Carla has been an active member of the Boss Babes community from very early on. She is the founder of Gaea Swimwear, our official brand partner. Carla's experience as a Web2 business owner makes her the perfect fit to help us create new partnerships with more brands like hers, and continue to add value to our holders and the Web3 community as a whole.